Money Saving Strategies For Banner Advertising

As a person becomes more familiar with marketing, he should invest in banner advertising if he has not already done so.

In 2000, banner advertising was very popular. However, the use of banners on website becomes very obtrusive. There were few standards for advertising with banners on websites. Customers were becoming so annoyed with pop ups and banners streaming individual pages, that they complained.

Since the mid 2000, there has been a come back with banner advertising standards, which are helping this form of advertising, become the strategy of choice.

To understand the resurgent of banner advertisement you must familiarize your self with what a banner ad is and how it is used in advertisement. A web banner or banner ad is a form of advertising on the web.

This form of advertising consists of embedding an advertisement into a web page. The Banner or banners can consist of text, images, colors, animation, sound, and video, or flash. The image can be narrow or wide. The format or code can be written in many different codes.

Money saving Strategies:

Banners are best placed above the fold of any website and to the right of the page. Some time banners are place in the middle of the page but some critics would advise not to place the banner at the top middle of the web page. Only through testing will determine if this advice is wrong.

Banners are now placed and designed with a specific theme and place in strategic areas on the web page. Most banners are placed above the fold of the web page and to the right of any text or other images. The rational is we tend to read a web page like a book left to right top to bottom.

When building your ad use text that have a call to action. Tell the customers what you want him or her to do. Putting the ad above the fold of the page is more visible than below the fold. Most people will not scroll the entire page when searching.

Advertisers are now more subtitle and more affective with their banners ads. Most ads are placed so skilled that it is hard to detect were the ad is. Advertiser should try to build an ad that has colors that match the color palette of the page they are advertising on.

Analyze any website you want to advertise on. Search for other banners that may be advertised there. Quickly scan the site to see how the site makes it money. Choose a target market by using search engines to help find your target market. Once you find your target market, visit those web pages and look at the kinds of banner ads being advertised. You want to be cautious of web pages that have nothing but advertisements these may cause your banners not to be seen.

Helpful Terms:
Impression: Each time you banner loads on a site is called an impression

Click: Each time a customers clicks your banner

Conversion: Each time a person, fill in the form for information better known as a lead.

CPM Cost per 1000: This is a strategy of measuring how much you will pay for a banner ad. Most times, you are charged on a CPM basis. That means you are charged for every 1000 impressions. For Example, a $2.00 CPM means you pay $2.00 for every 1000 impressions your banner receives. Moreover, be cautious of banner ad placements that are charging $4-$5.00 and even up to $15.00 you should pay no more than $ 2.00 for banner ad placement.

CPA Cost per Action: CPA means an advertiser will only pay when some kind of action has taken placed by the customer. For example, if a customer clicks on your ad then you are charged compared to impression when you banner loads you are charged.

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